the deep pit…

From the deep pit to the top of success–a spiritual guide of life.

October 14, 2017

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“This is a spiritual journey and map for anyone taking that troubled journey through life–ups, downs, triumphs, failures and personal shortcomings.

John Rittenhouse’s father asked him to read, twice, the Book of Proverbs when he was young, and being raised in a family of faith, the Bible was always there as a guidebook. However, like all of us, John faced betrayal, betrayed his own values and suffered many ups and downs. Each time, it became clear, there was a principle at work, a principle that could be found in the Old Testament stories, the verses of the New Testament and yes, in the Proverbs that could guide you out of the morass.

John tells some of his life story, from poor kid in a mobile home park, to successful young entrepreneur with a mowing business (at age 11) to turnaround manager of a chain restaurant to losing it all and getting it all back–and much much more. Each time, there was a principle at work as a guidepost to lead John away from sinking into the common mud of bad living, failure and self-indulgence.

Some of the principles are The Immutable Norm, the Open (and SHUT) doors, The Promoting Principle, Being Prepared, and the Joseph Principle (how to get thrown in the pit and rise out of it, not once, but many times.) Each principle is accompanied by a biblical verse or story, John’s meditation on it and an anecdote from John’s life that shows us how he overcame many struggles.

The title in itself is appealing: how can you be “blue collar” and yet an exec? Well, so many people are. Many people start with humble beginnings, have every day work that gets the hands dirty, yet they are entrepreneurs and executives, too. And these principles are the ones that get you past the terribly hard work it really is to make a success of yourself, no matter what it is you are doing, raising children, running a business, managing a repair shop, working in a restaurant, mowing and landscaping. running a bank. Doesn’t matter. The spiritual guidance and principles are all the same.

The book is written as if John has a hand on your shoulder, or is testifying sincerely in front of a group in church. You’ll find something in here that rings true with your own life. I hope the author follows this up with more of his story and his wisdom. Many of us could profit from it.

-Joanna D.