The Blue-Collar Exec Academy

Contact J.F. Rittenhouse today. Passion, purpose and power to move toward your God-given destiny with intention and strategy. Based upon the text, The Blue-Collar Exec, authored by Rittenhouse, the Academy explores the concepts deeply, and takes the participant on a journey through the path of the ancients and on to realigning their individual destinies.

Perfect program for your business (team, leaders and staff), your church (leadership and laypersons), adults transitioning from recovery to real life, and anyone who finds themselves in the place of “feeling stuck” in regards to life, love and work.

You, your team and your organization will win when everyone on the team understands and executes life according to their purpose. Productivity, peace and power exude from the team in a new way–understanding the secrets of the ancients, the plan of the Creator, and the mystery of what really matters walking into their tomorrow.

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