J.F. Rittenhouse took an unconventional path through life but became stronger because of it. His own journey has taught him that the common platitudes about success don’t necessarily apply. It is dedication, passion, and determination that will put you on the right path and invite destiny and prosperity into your life.

Rittenhouse started with a lawn-care business at the age of thirteen and invested a lifetime serving in differing careers and industries. Today, he is a successful businessman, mentor, world traveler, mission leader, and nonprofit president. He was named the 1995 Seaford Chamber of Commerce Businessperson of the Year, has won multiple corporate awards, continues award-winning performance professionally, and serves on numerous boards. From humble beginnings, Rittenhouse credits seven principles he calls “the immutable norms” for his unique journey to success and blessing.

Rittenhouse’s passions are music, ministry, and teaching. While he is a leader in the business community and passionately serves his own clients, it is his mission and mentoring efforts that round out fulfillment for a life well lived.

He enjoys global travel with his wife, hanging out with his family, and making special moments with his grandchildren.

Since late 2008, Rittenhouse has continued to serve professionally in the securities industry as a financial advisor.

In 2014, he established a community-wide, faith-based nonprofit outreach to the broken, addicted, and impoverished and continues to serve as president of SHIFTDestiny, Inc.

Rittenhouse is available for speaking and teaching engagements, leading Blue-Collar Exec Academies on location, and guiding Shift teams in qualified communities.

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